Poisk tells about IGEO geophones

Poisk, a well-respected scientific journal, tells a story about researches of the Center for molecular electronics at MIPT. The center became a base for starting the IGEO company.

The article titled ‘Sensitivity is more than enough. Russian seismic sensors hit the soil’ marks IGEO geophones as most perspective. ‘Despite many similar products on the market, IGEO’s potential customers (oil & gas mining and services companies such as Rosgeo, Geotech, Gazprom Neft) are in need for getting more precise information about geological layers on specific areas. Thanks to a molecular-electronic technology, the IGEO sensors are easily integrated into an existing field network. The field testing showed a higher efficiency of the IGEO sensors compared to standard ones…’, - Poisk says.

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24 ноября 2016 г. 11:26:48