IGEO helps develop a hydrophone

A project for developing broadband seismic and acoustic sensors for marine seismic exploration was approved by the “MariNet” working session of the National Technology Initiative on 28 February 2017 at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

The executive party of the project will be R-sensors group of companies, an industrial partner of IGEO.

The IGEO company will take part in implementing this project because IGEO’s key members have necessary competencies and experience in instrumentation.

The project will last for 2 years.

In the course of the project 2 types of sensors will be developed and get ready for mass production:

- hydrophones to be used in marine seismic streamers;

- dual sensors (hydrophone+geophone) to be used in land/sea transit zones, rivers, lakes, swamps.

Owing to the molecular-electronic technology, the executive party members have an opportunity to create products which surpass the world’s best analogues in terms of technical characteristics.

The basic customers are expected to be developers of seismic equipment and systems, oilfield service companies, service companies focusing on engineering geophysics and geophysical support of marine engineering projects.

The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is long-term comprehensive program to create conditions for ensuring Russia’s leadership on new technological markets that will determine the structure of the global economy in the next 15-20 years.

The NTI is aimed at Russia’s active integration into the formation of global markets for the future and gain a significant share in these markets by Russian companies. Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted the National Technological Initiative as one of the priorities of the state policy.

National technology initiative of Russia

9 марта 2017 г. 15:46:16